Aphane Consulting (Pty) Ltd.


To create and deliver the very best in engineering design and technology, therefore playing our part in making sure that South Africa continues to be seen.
Who We Are?

Success Through Integrity

The firm takes pride in having maintained its founding values of experience, quality and integrity throughout its 12-year history and looks forward with enthusiasm to sustained growth and a continued contribution to the development of South Africa and the rest of Africa.

The objective of the company is to meet the needs of the client by providing proficient and specialised consulting engineering services.  Effective communication is of utmost importance and in order to achieve this, a senior member of the company is appointed to head each project. This director is not only involved in the client liaison, supervision and management of the project, but is also an active participant of the design team and preparation of the contract documentation. The procedures adopted are geared to provide quality final products to the client.

Where communities are affected, projects are structured to allow community input and participation in the planning, design and implementation stages. This transparent process of approach allows the community to participate on an equal level with professionals. This ensures transfer of skills and the empowerment of the community takes place. One of the tasks includes – the challenges of South Africa in terms of addressing the Reconstruction and Development Programme and making sure that goals are met. Job creation and training form part of the overall strategy in the execution of the projects assigned to the company.


Our Mission

To create and deliver the very best in engineering design and technology, therefore playing our part in making sure that South Africa continues to be seen as a world class country.

Our Vision

To be the engineering company of choice in South Africa. To see our company educating, mentoring and employing the youth on a regular basis, as part of a reputable engineering network. To grow our company into becoming the top black-owned engineering company on the continent.


Aphane Consulting PTY (Ltd) has six members, which comprises of five males and one female.
Aphane Consulting

Employment Equity

All staff members within our company are from Previously Disadvantaged communities. We have employed two trainee technicians from previously disadvantaged communities that are currently undergoing extensive training. In the future, Aphane Consulting hopes to promote staff from within the company to become directors.

Aphane Consulting


Aphane Consulting PTY (Ltd) utilises makes use of the following:


Personnel Structure

Aphane Consulting PTY (Ltd) has sufficient personnel to execute various project successfully. Our Company comprises of 6 engineers, 20 technical personnel and 5 receptionist’s.


Our company has the following computers to enables us to execute project efficiently:

Computer Software

  • AutoCad Civil 3D 2019 for design and draughting
  • 2019 Surfmate for Detail Terrain Modelling (DTM)
  • 2019 Roadmate for Geometric Design
  • 2019 Pipemate for Sewer and Stormwater Network Design
  • 2019 Watermate for Water Reticulation Design
  • Prokon for Structural Analysis
  • Rubicon for Pavement Design
  • Ally Cad 2019
  • Civil Designer 2019
  • Survey and Terrain 2019
  • Microsoft Project 2010
  • Microsoft Office for Windows 2010
  • ARC View (GIS) 9.0
  • Mobicap for PMS
  • Roadsign Unlimited for Road Sign Design
  • Road sign design unlimited