Aphane Consulting PTY (Ltd)

Fields of Consultancy

The members of the company have expertise and experience over 18 years in the following fields of consultancy:

Road Engineering:

Geometric Design / Pavement Design / Stormwater Design / Rehabilitation Design / Management Systems


Municipal Engineering:

Water and Sewer Reticulation Design / Fire-fighting Water Reticulation Design / Bulk Water and Sewer Design / Pump Stations Design /Regional and Site Flood Lines Analysis


Structural Engineering:

Commercial, Industrial / Institutional Buildings / Office Developments / Warehousing / Hotels and Resorts / Shopping Centres / Housing /Bridges / Reservoirs


Project & Construction Management:

Project and Resource Planning / Time Management / Contract Administration Procedures Cost Control and Management / Project Control Services / Labour Intensive Construction Methods Project Supervision and Monitoring


Arbitration & Dispute Resolution:

Statements of Claim / Statements of Defence / Expert Witness in Arbitrations / Conducting Arbitrations & Negotiations / Project Supervision and Monitoring